The Newest Millennial Trend Is Botox, And Teens As Young As 18 Are Indulging In It - teens and botox


Girls of 13 are lining up for Botox. Here’s why | Global | The Guardian teens and botox

Dr. Homas is a leading plastic surgeon in San Antonio and uses his expertise to share if it's safe for teenagers to get botox injections.

According to several studies, “teenage Botox” (including the use of neuromodulators like Dysport and Xeomin) is on the rise—so much so that.

Cosmetic surgeons are concerned that a growing number teenagers are trying to stave off wrinkles before they arrive – so what or who is really to blame?​ Yet young women’s self-esteem is abysmally low, with cosmetic surgeons becoming increasingly concerned at a spike in girls as.