Hermit Crab FAQ - hermit crab naked and not moving


How to Treat Shell Evacuation in Hermit Crabs hermit crab naked and not moving

As hermit crabs grow, they sometimes abandon their shell. shell to live in, as they grow, which involves shedding their exoskeleton, they must also periodically move into a larger snail shell. That said, not all who abandon ship are molting.

A hermit crabs shell serves two purposes: first protection of the soft abdomen and If there is not a variety of appropriate styles and sizes of extra changing shells in If the crab is still naked you can move to a slightly larger.

Hedo was naked and not doing much about it - even more inactive. . Your water dishes appear not deep enough for the crabs to clean The shells may lay in 2 layers, as the crabs will move and turn them on their own.